Luffy Gear 5 Awakening Sun God Powers

When Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear in One Piece Anime?

Gear 5 first showed up in the original manga in chapter 1043, and also Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear in chapter 1044. The anime adjustment of One Piece, which will certainly broadcast on July 16, 2023, is expected to show the fight in between Luffy’s Gear 4 and Kaido, which covers phases 1041 to 1042 of the original manga.

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Gear 5 is most likely to show up in the anime on July 23, the week after the very first episode, or it will certainly show up on July 30.

Gear 5 is the awakened state of the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

Gear 4 awakening while fighting Kaido

In Chapter 1044, the Five Elder Stars revealed that the Devil Fruit that had been known as the Gomu no Mi was actually an Animal Zoan Devil Fruit, the Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

The Hito no Mi is a fruit that possesses the name and power of the Sun God Nika, as well as Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear, Luffy has the ability to recreate the residential properties of the Sun God Nika.

Kaido additionally stated in Chapter 1046 that awakening happens when the body and mind catch up to the power. This implies that Luffy’s mind and also body have reached the power of the Devil Fruit.

In the past, Luffy has actually utilized Gear 2, which increases blood circulation, Gear 3, which uses bone balloons, as well as Gear 4, which integrates Armament Haki and Muscle Balloons, to reinforce his body. This awakening is a departure from these.

Ultimately Luffy’s Supreme Gear 5 will Appear when he was struck by Kaido’s assault, and also his heartbeat to the rhythm of a drum.

What is Luffy’s Gear 5?

Luffy Gear 4 Full Power

In phase 1044, it was exposed that the Devil Fruit that was called the Gomu no Mi was actually a Zoan-type Devil Fruit called the Hito no Mi.

The Hito no Mi is a fruit that births the name and also power of the “Sun God Nika”, and when Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear, Luffy is able to recreate the residential properties of the “Sun God Nika”.

Kaido also claimed in chapter 1046 that awakening occurs when the body and mind capture up to the ability. This means that Luffy’s body and mind have captured up to the capability of the Devil Fruit.

In the past, Luffy has actually used Gear 2, which increases blood flow, Gear 3, which inflates the bones, as well as Gear 4, which integrates Armament Haki as well as Muscle Balloons, to enhance his body utilizing the properties of rubber. This awakening is a separation from those.

Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear when his heart beat to the rhythm of a drum after receiving a blow from Kaido.

Is Gear 5 Lizardman?

Luffy Gear 4 Snake-Man Power

Snakeman is just one of the types of Gear 4. It has a slimmer look than Boundman or Tankman, as well as it is a design that is a lot more specialized in rate than attack.

Snakeman is very powerful, as well as some fans hypothesized that Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear and would certainly be an improved version of Snakeman called “Lizardman”. Lizard is a word that evokes a dragon, and also it is also associated with Luffy’s daddy, Dragon. However, the original Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear becomes god level. This conjecture seems to have actually gone out of date presently.

When Will Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear? State of Haoshoku (Supreme King)

Luffy Gear 5 Awakening Sun God Powers

The modification in look is one of the most considerable until now, with a total whitening change. Unlike Gear 4, which came to be black as well as rugged, the look is white as well as offers a sense of lightness.

The shape of the hair and also brows has actually additionally transformed. The hair stands like flames, and some may even be advised of a certain Super Saiyan.

Moreover, around the shoulders, there is steam that resembles the bathrobes of a celestial being. It shows a divine aura. The reality that Luffy constantly maintains a smile reflects his nature.

Abilities of Luffy Supreme Gear 5

The minute when Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear, he states, “This is my highest point.” According to the Five Elders, the awakening provides the rubber body extra toughness and liberty, making it the “most ridiculous ability” in the world.

Now, allow’s present some of the qualities of Luffy Supreme Gear 5.

1. Gigantification
Luffy can openly transform his body into a giant (Giganto). He can enlarge his arms and also grab Kaido in his dragon form as if it were a small animal, or expand his entire body and also swing Kaido around like a skipping rope.

There does not seem to be a need for any primary activities, as Luffy can accomplish the wanted size as he plans, as mentioned by his words, “I can do everything I wanted.” In the last battle against Kaido, Luffy also made his hands bigger than Onigashima.

2. Going through the air
The flexibility acquired from the awakening is likewise shown in aerial battles. Also while falling, Luffy can ascend by revolving his legs at super-high speed. His number looks as if he is going through the sky.

3. Rubberization of things and also living beings
Although it is unusual for an animal-type capacity, Luffy can present the buildings of rubber on his surroundings. When he was ingested by Kaido, he activated “Gomu Gomu no Balloon” inside Kaido’s body, triggering Kaido’s abdominal area to swell like a balloon.

In addition, he can rubberize the ground to get better Kaido’s attacks or turn the ground into a trampoline to leave impacts. It specifically shows its performance in regards to defense.

Based on the Kaido fight, it is believed that Luffy can rubberize not only bordering items yet additionally living beings.

3. Manipulation of lightning
Making Use the insulating properties of rubber, there is a representation of Luffy grabbing falling lightning with his hand as well as tossing it like a spear. Luffy additionally makes use of lightning for changing directions. Although he can not control lightning easily, he can utilize it as a tool if it is available in the environments.

Drawbacks and Side Effects of Luffy Supreme Gear 5

It’s not possible to stay in Luffy’s Supreme Gear 5 indefinitely when it will Appear, and after fighting for a while, there was a limit and a return to the original form. Returning to a black-haired appearance and gradually withering, almost like the appearance of a feeble old man…

Even Kaido couldn’t aid but comment, “Who are you?” in response to such degeneration.

The depletion seems intense, but since it was being activated without any pause, it seems that a certain interval is not necessary.

Also, the weakness against slash attacks is also inherited in Gear 5.


Luffy Supreme Gear 5 will Appear it has actually demonstrated a wide variety of capacities even in the battle against Kaido. It shows up to have almost unlimited possibilities, so it’s unlikely that a “Gear 6” will certainly be presented. It is thought that Luffy’s strength will continue to raise via the evolution of Gear 5.

For instance, if he can enlarge himself, it’s also possible for him to reduce. You might think, Will not he become weak if he reduces? However, it appears that maybe used to dodge opponent strikes as well as capture them unsuspecting.

Luffy has been able to shrink utilizing Gear 3 in the past, but this had its downsides and couldn’t be freely managed. If he could freely change his body dimension, it would become a lot more convenient ability.

Another possibility to take into consideration is that since Nika is the god of laughter, a ability related to “laughter” might show up. Jokes and antiphons could possibly become his dangerous techniques.

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