If you are looking for a Manhwa Where MC is Reincarnated as baby with many Adventures to heartwarming tales for an unforgettable Journey. You will definitely enjoy it as it is filled with wonder and excitement. Let’s dive into the captivating world of manhwa/manhua.

10. Revenge of the Iron-Blooded sword Hound

Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby Revenge of the Iron-Blooded sword Hound

My new recommendation manhwa revenge on the Iron-Blooded sword Hound, where MC, reincarnated as a baby. Vikir, the hunting hound from the Baskerville Clan. Despite his dedication, he falsely accused of treachery and sentenced to death, but fate had other plans.

Vikir, granted a second chance at a life filled with memories of his past. Determined and fueled by Vengeance, he sets out to confront his betrayer Hugo.

Press yourself for a thrilling tale of bloody Revenge as The Hound’s ferocious Journey Begins With The determined protagonist intriguing plot twist, and a mix of brains and Brawn.

9. The Dark Magician transmigrates after 66666 years later

The Dark Magician transmigrates after 66666 years later

My other recommended manhwa where MC, reincarnated as baby the Dark Magician transmigrates after 66666 years. Our MC Diablo Volfir, a formidable dark maze who was defeated and sealed Away by The Two Of Gods. After an eternal Slumber of 66666 years, Diablo awakens in the body of the newborn named Jamie Welton.

After nine years later, Jamie Welton (his new life) poses only a fraction of his former power but determined to seek revenge against the very Gods who imprisoned them. The transmigration manhwa offers an overpowered MC.

The artwork is definitely a highlight, so kissing stunning visuals. I remain hopeful that the story will continue to evolve overall. It’s really a good manhwa/manhua to read if you want some reborn type of manhwa/manhua.

8. Life of a Magic Academy Mage

 Life of a Magic Academy Mage

Our MC Lee Han just graduated from his magic Academy but had a twist of fate when he got isakaid into a fantasy world. Reincarnated as the youngest baby of the renowned maze family, he vowed to avoid any more academies.

With self-sufficiency as a requirement, Lee Han finds himself surrounded by eccentric professors and the constant threat of monsters.

This manhwa is good for magic Academy Enthusiast. The MC is likable and grounded, quickly picking up new skills. The Academy’s Headmaster, a lich and total crackhead, adds an extra layer of difficulty with impressive artwork.

7. I was reincarnated as a baby fox God

I was reincarnated as a baby fox God

Our MC  Iyanelle, had a blissful life surrounded by a loving family until tragedy struck. Betrayed by her own brother Crown Prince Agris de Roahim. However suddenly reborn as a baby Divine Fox. She embarks on a journey to uncover her ex-brother’s conspiracy.

Story of this manhwa, signs with heartwarming family Dynamics a rarity in many tales. The parents have a loving relationship, and the adorable bond between the father and his wife and daughter is a joy to witness. A compelling family Dynami witnessed the power of love and saw how the female lead unravels her extraordinary abilities.

6. The Wicked Little Princess

The Wicked Little Princess

Our MC Leona is the only fire witch in 300 years. Leading a secluded life until she falls in love with Rakus, the brains of the kingdom of Carrell. But her happiness is short-lived as Rakus betrays and kills her, yet Leona is Reincarnated as the baby princess of the Hassis Empire.

They armed with Incredible strength and a royal Dragon Blood lineage now driven by Vengeance.

This thrilling Journey took an unexpected turn keeping me engaged. Although the manhwa is ongoing, I highly recommend giving it a read.

5. How to Survive as Devil Child

How to Survive as Devil Child Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby

Imagine being trapped in a cycle of repeating time, desperately trying to average the apocalypse over and over again. But always fail, exhausted and wary of the endless loop.

Our MC questions how far back she must go should she give up? But this time, In this Manhwa/Manhua , Our MC, reincarnated as a helpless baby right in front of Andrian Lucas, the Catalyst of Destruction. Determined that she will refuse to let this world crumble. As a newborn baby, she cannot move her limbs, but she can strategize.

This life presents an opportunity to closely monitor Lucas and alter our June fate. With a weak laugh, she declares that she won’t allow this world to be destroyed. Overall it’s rarely a foreign reborn manhwa.

4. Please Give Me the Pacifier

Please Give Me the Pacifier Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby

Our MC, Hela Sylopia a magician betrayed and executed by her own student. Reincarnated as the Forgotten infant granddaughter of a rivaling duke. He Loves Faces neglect and indifference from her family and mates.

However, she discovers a remarkable secret. Her pacifier enhances her mind. Determined to survive and seek revenge, he’ll cleverly use this new front power to eliminate her obstacles. Will she succeed in her Quest, or will she regret her rebirth?

This manhwa is a gem, the storytelling is masterfully crafted, and the character interactions are captivating. It stands out with its unique thrusts. The artwork is fantastic, immersing you in the story’s world.

3. Useless Wizard

 Useless Wizard Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby

In the world of Fortelnia where one strength and Destiny hinge on the other’s existing power rank. Aruto, with the lowest rank one rendering him powerless tragically, his girlfriend Hanna calls the victim to Gamizin.

The most formidable Mage in the world, but Aruto’s story doesn’t end there. In the afterlife, he is granted a chance to start a new.

Armed special crafting skills bestowed upon him by the Divine. Aruto embarks on a quest to save Hanna’s life and rewrite his own fate.

This manhwa is a captivating blend of fantasy and Redemption. Aruto’s journey filled with thrilling twists and turns as he unleashes his crafting prowess. Overall it’s another manhwa where MC reincarnated as a baby.

2. How a Former Pro Takes Advantage by Doing an Easy Job

How a Former Pro Takes Advantage by Doing an Easy Job Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby

Our protagonist finds himself in his 101 first reincarnation. He was questioning if this life would be another fantasy. He overhears his mother’s murmurs. It turns out he is the youngest Prince with no inheritance rights, practically invisible to everyone.

He enjoyed that no more saving the world or chasing ambitious dreams. In this life, all he wants is to savor the sweet honey of an easy job. If you wish to have some reincarnated manhwa where MC is a baby and wants just to relax and chill, then you can definitely read this.

1. Otherworldly Magical Taurus Priest

Otherworldly Magical Taurus Priest Manhwa/Manhua Where MC is Reincarnated as baby

Our MC, Zhang Dioling, a skilled priest who, after being betrayed and killed alongside his beloved youngster. Finds himself reincarnated as a child in a new realm. Determined to reclaim his former life and seek Vengeance.

Zhang Daoling embarks on a journey to reach the Pinnacle of power and reunite with his last love. This captivating tale of reincarnation fantasy and personal growth is our MC. Armed with knowledge from his previous life, he became a powerful mage.

With captivating art and an intriguing storyline, this manhwa promises to keep you in the ease of his seat. Stay tuned as we witness the thrilling Kingdom building and Epic Adventures that lie ahead.

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