Yes, babies can totally swing swords and do magic. I can’t get enough of these adorable Godlike manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a baby and inherits past life memories and monster strength. This protagonist has it all.

List Of Top 10 Manhwa Where MC is Reincarnated as a Baby

Here is my top 10 manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a baby. Hope you will love it.

10. My Dragon System

My Dragon System

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be reborn as an all-powerful dragon in a human’s body? That’s what happens in the manhwa, my dragon system.

This fantasy manhwa follows a legendary red dragon reincarnated as a human baby after failing to defeat the humans. Despite his weak new form, this badass dragon is determined to tap into his incredible abilities. And get revenge with cool dragon powers and awesome fight scenes.

This manhwa is an epic to read, and the art is amazing. The overpowered mc will have you hooked even though it only has 22 chapters so far. My Dragon System is shaping up to be a binge-worthy full of action and adventure. If you love dragons and overpowered main characters, take advantage of this brand-new manhwa.

9. Charlotte Has Five Disciples

Charlotte Has Five Disciples

Magic romance, and reincarnation, this man will have it all. Charlotte has five disciples and follows the powerful sorceress Charlotte who is reborn as an area after failing to find true love in her past life. Though Charlotte saved the world and trained five gifted disciples. she felt unfulfilled without romance.

Now with the help of the handsome Duke, she sets out to find the love that eluded Charlotte while keeping her true identity hidden from her former disciples. With its strong female lead, captivating love story, and magical action, this man sweeps you into a world of fantasy and Adventure.

After 176 action-packed chapters, the overpowered mc still entertains. The art is gorgeous, and the story brims with drama and tension. Don’t miss this breathtaking manhwa if you’re a fan of reincarnation magic and second chances at love.

8. The Baby Who Catches the Wind

The Baby Who Catches the Wind
The Baby Who Catches the Wind

The Baby Who Catches the Wind is a fun fantasy manhwa with a feisty female lead. After two failed marriages, the mc is reborn as tillies and gains the magical ability to see people’s emotions as the weather.

She is adopted by a struggling Baron who needs her unique power to turn their fortunes around. Her clever plans and Spunky attitude tillies help the family stand up to corrupt Nobles and earn their earldom.

Though only 51 chapters, this man would deliver laughs and adventure with vibrant art and an overpowered heroine. If you love stories with reincarnation magic abilities and sweet family bonds, don’t miss the baby who catches the wind.

7. Seven I Have Survived 999 Calamities

Seven I Have Survived 999 Calamities

Get ready for an action-packed cultivation manhwa with plenty of Comedy. I have survived 999 calamities following unlucky hero Zhen Hetu, stuck at the lowest level of his martial arts training. But when Zhen takes his Junior sister on an adventure, everything changes.

After surviving 999 lightning strikes, Jen discovers he has amazing abilities beyond his Wildest Dreams; despite only having 13 chapters so far, this manhwa delivers his hilarious Misadventures and captivating fight scenes.

The overpowered mc will keep you cheering If You Love parody cultivation stories with eccentric humor and Limitless strength. Jen’s newly unlocked Powers and his journey from Zero to Hero will have you laughing and staying hooked on this entertaining new manhwa.

6. How a Former Pro Takes Advantage By Doing an Easy Job

How a Former Pro Takes Advantage By Doing an Easy Job

Get ready for an adventure with how a former pro takes advantage by doing an easy job after being reincarnated 101 times. The mc wants to relax in his new Royal life. Being the ignored youngest Prince means no responsibilities or struggles.

With his Pro skills from past lives, he succeeds effortlessly at every task. though only
In thirty-seven chapters so far, this easy-going manhwa provides laughs watching the op main character through challenges. If you are looking for a manhwa where mc is reincarnated as a baby after dying then there is no better manhwa than this.

5. I became the Tiger’s Daughter

I became the Tiger's Daughter

This manhwa where mc is reincarnated and overpowered as a child. After dying as a human, Guan finds herself reborn as a tiger cub. She must quickly adapt to survive the Savage laws of the Jungle.

Using her human intellect, she outsmarts predators and hunts prey to provide for her new tiger family. Though only 9 chapters so far, this manhwa delivers his breathtaking art and captivating storytelling.

She is an endearing and cunning heroine who faces every beastly challenge with bravery and wit. Suppose you love heartwarming family bonds combined with riveting Wilderness Adventure. So, don’t miss; I became the Tiger’s daughter.

4. It’s not Easy Being the Ice Emperor’s Daughter

It's not Easy Being the Ice Emperor's Daughter

What would you do if you woke up as the doomed princess in a novel? It’s not easy
being the ice Emperor’s daughter, an exciting new manhwa, where MC, Anna finds herself reborn as baby Princess Daya.

Whose cruel father killed her, With the deadly fate of her 17th birthday fast approaching. Anna races to alter the course of events as the Ice Emperor’s daughter. This manhwa delivers stunning art and high-stakes drama through 7 intense chapters so far.

In manga where female mc is reincarnated as a child and survived her ruthless father and prevented the Frozen apocalypse if you love reincarnation fantasy with captivating heroines. Take advantage of this thrilling manhwa and join Anna on her quest to defy her Destiny as Daya and melt the ice Emperor’s Frozen Heart.

3. The Youngest Princess

The Youngest Princess

Prepare for cuteness and Chaos when powerful MC are reincarnated as a baby princess in the entertaining manhwa. Despite her adorable New Look, princess Anisha has big problems, like her homicidal brothers and War hungry father.

But with her magical memories, Anisha is ready to stop the Empire’s ruin. Through 144 action-packed chapters, this manhwa delivers comedy and Adventure. See how a small princess outsmarts assassins and manipulates her deranged family.

The art is visually stunning, and the overpowered MC is a delight. If you enjoy comedic reincarnation fantasy with a baby heroine, don’t miss this manhwa. She is the perfect mix of pretty and dangerous who knew being a princess could be so much trouble and fun.

2. To Hell, With Being a Saint, I’m a Doctor

To Hell, With Being a Saint, I'm a Doctor

what happens when a brilliant doctor gets reborn into a fantasy world? Chaos and comedy into hell with being a saint. I’m a doctor. After a fatal accident, genius surgeon Yushon wakes up with magical powers.

Though revered as a saint for his healing touch Yusung wants to continue his medical
Mastery with his extensive knowledge and clever use of Mana. He Pioneers Innovative techniques that stun the kingdom.

Despite only 58 chapters so far, this manhwa delivers his fantastic art and plenty of laughs watching the Ops reincarnated mc of this manhwa.

1. God Emperor’s Advent, I Have Trillions of Attribute Points

God Emperor's Advent, I Have Trillions of Attribute Points

Get ready for epic cultivation battles in the action-packed manhwa, God Emperor’s Advent. Yi Qingtiann is reborn with endless magic power. He defies the Heavens to protect his family resulting in destructive seals placed on him.

To break free and Achieve godhood, Yi Qingtiann embarks on a quest to find mystical books and Scholars scattered around the world.


I’ve provided the top 10 best manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a baby. It is filled with A fascinating and unique story that combines fantasy, adventure, and growth of characters.

In this manhwa, the newly reborn mc starts his journey with his past knowledge, faces challenges, and makes a new path. It’s a popular, thrilling, and heartwarming manhwa if you are a fan of reincarnation types of manhwa.

I’ve done a lot of research and invested time to find this manhwa where MC is reincarnated as a baby. Hoping you have liked it and our Animenap team is thankful for it.


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