If you are looking for the best ‘top 10 best irregular manhwa in 2023‘ to watch, then you are in the right place. Here, I have listed 15+ manhwa list by researching the reviews and comments of the reader. Let’s get started.

1. unOrdinary

It is one of the best irregular manhwa in 2023 within Indonesia. It contains superpower characters and extraordinary story that will blow blow your mind.

In a world dominated by superpowers, John Doe hides his ability to copy others’ powers. Witnessing the abuse of high-tier abilities, he decides to use his gift to protect the weak and challenge the unjust social order. Authorities target him, forcing John to confront both powerful high-tiers and corrupt systems. Forming alliances, he fights for a world where everyone, regardless of ability, can live freely. John’s journey is one of rebellion, self-discovery, and justice, inspiring others to join the fight for a more equitable society.

2. Lookism

Without a doubt Lookism is one of the best irregular manhwa exist in 2023. It has the best storyline and loved by many readers.

In the heart of Seoul, Daniel Park, a high school student plagued by bullying, undergoes a miraculous transformation into an attractive figure, thrusting him into the superficial world of Lookism. Enjoying newfound popularity, Daniel grapples with maintaining two contrasting lives, ultimately realizing the shallowness of a society fixated on appearances.

Despite the challenges, he remains true to his values, using his popularity to advocate against Lookism’s injustices. Along the way, Daniel forges genuine connections, learning that true worth lies in character, not looks. His journey becomes a catalyst for challenging societal norms and promoting a world that values inner qualities over outward appearances.

3. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is also on of the best irregular manhwa in 2023. If you love lookism then this one might also catch your interest.

In the heart of Seoul, Jay, a seemingly diligent student, harbors a secret passion for cycling. From childhood escapades to joining the legendary Hummingbird Crew, Jay’s journey unfolds in the hidden world of street races and underground competitions. Fueled by raw passion and unwavering spirit, Jay discovers the power of teamwork, perseverance, and unbreakable bonds.

As he faces formidable rivals and navigates the harsh realities of the cycling world, Jay’s story becomes a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship. Get ready for a thrilling ride through Seoul’s hidden cycling realm! 🚴‍♂️✨.

4. How to fight (Viral Hit)

This is one the best irregular manhwa and is popular within Indonesian. If you are action lover where a weak main character is working hard to become powerful through hard struggle and training then this is the best manhwa ever.

Hobin, a timid student, discovers an old NewTube channel that teaches him the art of combat. Transformed, he becomes a confident fighter, standing up to bullies and defending others. Through action-packed scenes and humor, Hobin not only gains new skills but also valuable friendships.

‘How to Fight’ is a gripping manhwa that delves into themes of bullying, friendship, and self-worth, showcasing an inspiring journey from victim to victor.

5. Quest Supremacy (QUESTISM)

Questism is on the best fantasy manhwa. If you are looking for a irregular manhwa with some interesting story with superpower characters then this is the best manhwa you should check for.

In Seoul, bullied high schooler Kim Soohyun gains extraordinary powers through mysterious quests. As he transforms from underdog to formidable force, he faces hidden conflicts, forms unbreakable bonds, and inspires others to stand up for justice. His journey goes beyond power, encompassing self-discovery, friendship, and unwavering determination.

6. To Not Die

To Not Die is a drama type of manhwa, This is one of the best irregular manhwa to watch in 2023. This manhwa has also released it’s 2nd season.

In Seoul, bullied high schooler Dajun Im contemplates suicide until a mysterious quest board appears, offering him extraordinary abilities. As he gains strength, he confronts his tormentors and becomes a formidable force. Dajun’s journey unfolds through quests, forming unbreakable bonds with allies and facing hidden conflicts.

The challenges lead to self-discovery and the true meaning of strength. Dajun transforms into a hero, inspiring others to stand up for justice in the city’s darkness

7. Manager Kim

Manager Kim is one of the best irregular manhwa to watch & it is filled with actions, mystery and suspension.

In the heart of Seoul, Manager Kim, an ordinary company manager, reveals a hidden life as a former special agent when his daughter, Minji, mysteriously disappears. Driven by love and determination, he embarks on a perilous quest, facing ruthless gangs and uncovering a web of corruption.

With unmatched combat skills, Manager Kim becomes a vigilante, a force of justice fighting not only for his daughter but for the silenced and wronged. His journey is a battle against shadows, a beacon of hope in a city shrouded in darkness.

8. Ultra-Alternate Character (Absolute Obedience)

Ultra-Alternate Character is an action manhwa. This manhwa is one of the best irregular manhwa you are looking for.

In the virtual world of Ergosphere Online, Oreum Lee faces harsh ridicule from his party members for being a mediocre healer. This bullying extends to his real-life school experience. However, Oreum finds solace in his alternate character, a powerful Avenger class, which he plays with incredible skill.

One day, after logging out, a glitch grants him the abilities of his alternate character, forcing him to battle evil monsters from the game in the real world. Can Oreum navigate both the challenges of the game world and survive the difficulties in his school life?

9. The Breaker: Eternal Force

The Breaker: Enteral Force is also the best irregular manhwa it has all the action and martial arts and also about the Murim Manhwa.

In Seoul, bullied high schooler Kang Ha-Jae contemplates suicide but is saved by Si-un Lee, a powerful martial artist. Si-un mentors Ha-Jae in the hidden world of Murim, guiding him through martial arts and life’s challenges. As Ha-Jae progresses, he faces formidable opponents and forms strong bonds with fellow martial artists.

The journey is one of self-discovery and growth, as Ha-Jae overcomes fears and insecurities, becoming a confident and capable individual. In the end, he proves himself a worthy successor to Si-un, inspiring others with the message that anything is possible with determination.

10. Hectopascal

This manhwa is also one of the popular irregular manhwa that is also the interesting action and thrill manhwa. You should read this if you like action.

In Seoul’s gritty underworld, Park Hanjun seeks revenge for his father’s murder. Empowered as Hectopascal, he battles gangs and corrupt officials, discovering the cost of his newfound strength. As he faces inner turmoil, Hanjun forms alliances, turning his quest into a fight for justice.

The journey unveils a city-wide conspiracy, forcing Hectopascal to grapple with the impact of his actions on Seoul’s fate. It’s not just revenge; it’s redemption in a world consumed by darkness.


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