Top 10 Best Harem Manhwa in 2023

Top 10 Best Harem Manhwa in 2023

If you are Looking for the best harem manhwa or manhua in which the MC is surrounded by many attractive female characters then you are in the right place. The harem manhwa’s main character finds himself in a scenario where several girls are attracted to him. The MC may be average or exceptional, and with his powerful skills, he caught the girl’s heart.

Because the story is mainly explained in summary, it may not seem to covered all the aspects,  but rest assured that you’ll realize it once you read harem manhwa.

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List of Top 10 Best Harem Manhwa in 2023 :-

10. God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts Best Harem Manhwa

Martial arts are the way to gain respect in this world. Weak martial artists can break stones with their tens of thousands of pound power. And the powerful ones have the ability to split mountains and cut off rivers. There are even omniscient martial kings who are capable of crossing the galaxy.

If you are weak within your clan or faction, then you will be expelled by them without any mercy. Your fate and potential for death are decided by martial arts. While the strong look down on the world, the weak are humiliated. This is a good harem manhwa that shows the martial arts and powerful bully the vulnerable in this society.

9. Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Han Jue discovers that he may live his life much like a video game after being resurrected in a world of cultivation. He connate destiny and his capacity for cultivation. Han Jue makes the decision to cultivate secretly in order to live a long life.

Decades of cultivators have passed into history after a thousand years. The immortals then begin purifying the world of the mortals. Han Jue must take action because he can no longer run. Then he understands that immortals aren’t really strong enough after all.

8. Above Ten Thousand People

Above Ten Thousand People

The MC of the story lived in the contemporary era. He began to get tired of the system until he eventually used it to teleport to the immortal world known as SHADOW ISLAND. During the battle with Mo Ba (the Demon), a supporting character named Jiang Zhi came across him, but she saw that Mu Ba was swallowed by a frog.

This best harem manhwa shows the MC’s invincibility with the use of a system and is full of the best adventures and comedy. 

7. Tales of Demons and Gods

 Tales of Demons and Gods

MC was too weak to protect his home in his previous life, but with his determination, Nie Li became the strongest cultivator and achieved the highest rank in martial arts.

He lost with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked monsters. However, it cost him his life. After then, his soul was returned to when he was still 13 years old. Despite being the least talented and weakest in his class, with just a weak red soul realm.

He quickly trained with the help of his former past life’s memory, experiences, and Knowledge, shocking all with his achievement. It is one the best harem manhwa and also depicted into anime.

6. Martial Arts Reigns

Martial Arts Reigns

The protagonist of this manhwa, Ming Ye, desires to become a martial arts grandmaster by harming himself to cultivate his body. Even putting his own life in danger to get revenge on his father and mother.

People identified him as Ye Family’s looser. However, Zhen Ying, who his brother attacked for the hire of the Ye Family, cut Ming Ye’s meridians and stole his Red Dragon Grass. Soon, an elderly guy attempts to control his body but fails, allowing him to grow stronger. The best Harem manhwa to read and shows a strong main character.

5. Life of a War Emperor After Retirement

Life of a War Emperor After Retirement

The MC transformed after entering the realm, turning into a charming guy who is loved and admired by all. Ling Ge had a special physique that allowed him to gain strength continuously. His conflict with the gods of the West gave him the title of Martial Emperor.

Ling Ge decided to go in seclusion, but his young buddy persuaded him to come out. The story of this harem manhwa is captively designed, and the characters and the story are very good. It would be best if you read this best Harem manhwa. It is one of the finest and good manhwa.

4. I’m Stuck On The Same Day For A Thousand Years

I’m Stuck On The Same Day For A Thousand Years
I’m Stuck On The Same Day For A Thousand Years

What would you do? If you were stuck on the same day. At first, you’d start spending money like crazy because it will reset every day. Soon, you’d realize life isn’t interesting at all. So You begin Seeking Fun in crime, Gambling, and things like that, but soon it’s annoying that everything you’ve done is getting reset.

The same thing happened to the MC on this marem manhwa. Wu Chen escaped from the time loop and gained a lot of system skills. You should watch this harem manhwa and how he makes all women fall for him. You will love it for sure.

3. Martial Peak

Martial Peak Wiki
Martial Peak Wiki

Yang Kai, a young man born with a weakened constitution and unable to practice martial arts, is the novel’s main character. In High Heaven Pavilion, an important sect in the Great Han Dynasty, he feels forced to work as a sweeper.

Yang Kai discovers a black book one day that contains the Great Demon God’s legacy. Thanks to this book, Yang Kai can practice martial arts and become one of the most potent cultivators in the world.

He became a powerful and respected person. It is the best harem manhwa to watch, where many beautiful girls favor MC.

2. Against The Gods

Against The Gods

Yun Che was framed and forced to jump off a cliff. But he survived and woke up in another world with new powers. He Fought for his love with his enemies and is known as the powerful cultivator.

In this manhwa, the story is about revenge and constancy, who refused to give up. The mc of harem manhwa always fought the best to protect his family and the world.

1. The Time of Rebirth

The Time of Rebirth

For 100,000 years, Lin Yue had been trapped in a time loop on the Hongmeng Continent. He always woke up on the same day after tomorrow, regardless of what he did. He gathered all the knowledge he could at this time and gained the techniques of many strong cults. He finally realized he couldn’t break the loop.

Lin Yue took away the Seven Demon King’s fiancée on the final day of the time loop, and the Supreme Elder’s son had his limb cut. What will happen next, and how will MC escape from it?


I’ve spent a lot of time researching the top 10 harem manhwa in 2023 on the internet, and I also personally read these manhwa/manhua. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

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