The manga “You are Meido-sama.” was made into a TV anime in 2024

The web manga series ‘You are Meido-sama.’ currently serialized on Shogakukan’s web manga service ‘Sunday Webry’ is set to be adapted into a TV anime in 2024. The broadcast will take place on the TV Asahi network’s nationwide 24-station ‘NUMAnimation’ slot and on BS Asahi. A special promotional video, along with an anime adaptation commemorative illustration and comments from the original creator, Shoutan, have been released.

Shoutan, have been released.

The series, which began serialization in 2020, revolves around the action-packed romantic comedy of high school student Hitoshi Yokotani. A mysterious ‘maid’ suddenly appears at Hitoshi’s house, leading to an unexpected cohabitation under the same roof. The maid, characterized by her black hair, purity, and polite language, has a surprising past as a former assassin with a skill set in assassination. The story unfolds as she, a complete novice in housekeeping and a clumsy ‘lonely’ maid, strives to create a ‘family’ until she succeeds.


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