Strongest primordial demons ranking

7 Strongest Primordial Demons Ranking

Do you know the 7 Strongest Primordial Demons Ranking in That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime ? The primordial demons refer to the most powerful demons who reign supreme among the demon race.

They hold a rank higher than the ‘High-ranking Demon Generals’ who are above the regular demons and are characterized by their exceptionally long lifespans. Due to their long lives, they have accumulated vast experience and strength over the years

The strength and the ranking of the demon race is evaluated based on two criteria, with the length of one’s life being the most significant factor, as it directly correlates with combat experience.

  • The first criterion is the racial rank.
  • The second criterion is the length of one’s life.
strongrace rankyears lived
💪Demon LordFrom ancient times (primordial)
AvgHigh rank demon general (arch demon)1000 to over 3000 years
😩Higher Demon (Greater Demon)100-1000 years
WeakLower demon (lesser demon)0-100 years
Table Of Strongest Primordial Demon Ranking

1. Guy Crimson (primordial red)

Guy Crimson (primordial red)
Guy Crimson (primordial red)

This primordial demon reigns the Strongest Primordial Demons Ranking, composed of the strongest magical beings. They are one of the oldest Demon Lords alongside Milim Nava and also play the role of a ‘mediator’ in preventing the world’s collapse. Having existed since the time of world creation, they are familiar with dragon species, who are feared as calamities.

They skillfully combine magic and skills to deliver ‘attacks with defense nullification.’ In a one-on-one battle with Yuuki, they completely nullified ‘ability suppression’ and achieved an overwhelming victory. Among the primordial demons, they are unparalleled in strength

2. Diablo (primordial black)

Diablo (primordial black)
Diablo (primordial black)

A high-ranking demon summoned as a sacrifice from the 20,000 corpses prepared by Rimuru, he becomes a Named Monster and eventually ascends to the rank of primordial Demon Lord. He is known for his strength, having once fought to a draw with Guy Crimson, making him the second most strongest primordial demons ranking.

As a ‘Great Sage,’ on par with Rimuru’s, he employs cunning tactics and can manipulate time with ‘Temptation of Time.’ Additionally, he has battled (including arguments) against the primordial demons of white, purple, yellow, and blue, achieving victory against all of them.

3. Testarossa (primordial white)

Testarossa (primordial white)
Testarossa (primordial white)

An original primordial demon with a death-inducing ability called ‘Death’s Blessing,’ which forcibly rearranges the genetic sequence of the enemy, resulting in instant death.

They are proficient in using magic specialized in killing living beings. The range of this technique extends up to a maximum radius of 10 kilometers, causing casualties significant enough to end a war with the empire

4. Carrera (Primordial Yellow)

Carrera (Primordial Yellow)
Carrera (Primordial Yellow)

Carrera is one of the primordial demons brought to Rimuru’s camp by Diablo, alongside the White and Purple demons. Their power is comparable to that of a Demon Lord and the strongest primordial demons ranking, and they used the devastating nuclear magic ‘Gravity Collapse’ to annihilate an army of 100,000 soldiers through the generation of supergravity.

However, they can be somewhat capricious at times, occasionally showing restraint compared to other primordial demons ranking.

5. Ultima (Primordial Purple)

Ultima (Primordial Purple)
Ultima (Primordial Purple)

Among the primordial demons, Ultima stands out for their brutality, often casually decapitating their enemies. They used the grand explosion magic ‘Flames of Destruction’ to sweep away an entire flagship.

They also possess the ability to extract knowledge from the minds of individuals.

6. Rain/Hillary (Primordial Blue)

Rain/Hillary (Primordial Blue)
Rain/Hillary (Primordial Blue)

An original demon who pledged allegiance to Guy Crimson. In the novel version, they are named Rain, while in the web version, they are known as Hillary. In the novel version, Rain had a direct confrontation with Diablo and was defeated.

They are a powerful primordial demon capable of using nuclear magic, but their combat strategy primarily relies on a ‘Mist’ clone, which is considered inferior to the methods employed by other primordial demons. This is why they are ranked in this position.

7. Misery (Primordial Green)

Misery (Primordial Green)
Misery (Primordial Green)

Similar to Rain, Misery is another primordial demon who serves Guy Crimson. While they hold the title of Demon Lord, they have been engaged in administrative work for an extended period.

As a result, it is presumed that they are less combat-oriented and less powerful compared to the more aggressive trio of White, Purple, and Yellow demons.

Misery is less inclined towards combat than Rain and is likely the least combat-oriented among the primordial demons.

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This ranking is based on the Primordial Demons power and abilities shown in anime or novel ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’. However, it is important to note that the Primordial Demons are all incredibly powerful beings, and their ranking could change depending on their skills and abilities, and their strategies.

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Who are the strongest primordial demons from weakest to strongest?

The strongest primordial demons from weakest to strongest are as follows:
Rain (formerly known as Blue Primordial)
Ultima (formerly known as Purple Primordial)
Mizari (formerly known as Green Primordial)
Testarossa (formerly known as White Primordial)
Carrera (formerly known as Yellow Primordial)
Diablo (formerly known as Black Primordial)
Guy Crimson (formerly known as Red Primordial)

Who is the strongest primordial demon?

The strongest primordial demon is Guy Crimson, also known as the Red Primordial. He is the leader of the Octagram, a group of eight of the most powerful demons in the world, and the ruler of the Demon Kingdom of Tempest.

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