Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 spoilers: Gojo’s Final Trump Card Revealed

We will now provide you with the latest report for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers, scheduled to be published in Weekly Shonen Jump’s issue released on August 21, 2023 (Monday).

In the previous chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, a brutal physical battle ensued once again as both sides had their domain expansions sealed. Amidst this intense battle, the prowess of Gojo’s close-quarters combat was revealed through a recollection scene narrated by Nanami.

On the other hand, Mahoraga also showcased remarkable adaptability in terms of his counter abilities. And finally, it’s disclosed that the rotations of the cursed barriers are down to three before Mahoraga’s adaptation to Gojo’s inviolable domain.

In this chapter, we will discuss the potential developments that might unfold after Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 and provide you with spoilers for the latest chapter.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers | Cursed Symbol’s True Power

With Mahoraga’s adaptation to the Infinity Void, a cursed symbol appears above Yuta Okkotsu’s head, revealing certain aspects of the cursed technique. This allowed Gojo to discern some details about how the cursed symbol functions.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers | Cursed Symbol's True Power

When Yuta activates En’en (extension), the cursed symbol turns black, indicating that the adaptation process is being interrupted. To avoid adaptation, Gojo is essentially forced into battles where he refrains from using jujutsu techniques.

However, conversely, when the adaptation is interrupted, it implies that he can confidently launch attacks using jujutsu techniques. If there is a way to prompt the activation of En’en, Gojo’s battles might become slightly easier.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers | Does Mahoraga Corner Gojo with Hidden Techniques?

Up until now, Yuta Okkotsu, also known as Mahoraga, hasn’t heavily relied on using jujutsu techniques in battles, reserving them for domain expansion. Due to the significant damage both sides have sustained, domain expansion is currently unavailable for use.

Mahoraga vs Gojo
Mahoraga was able to Adapt to Unlimited Void

However, En’en (extension) is still in play, and Gojo believes that his brain was affected by its activation due to the different regions of the barrier technique. Furthermore, powerful attacks like Fuga have not been demonstrated by Mahoraga against Gojo.

There could be other hidden techniques or even techniques inherited from Yuta’s friend Yuki Fushiguro that he hasn’t revealed yet. As Mahoraga’s adaptation to Gojo progresses, Yuta’s advantage is likely to increase.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers | Potential Future Attack Methods for Gojo

potential attack of gojo in jujutsu kaisen

Given that both Mahoraga and Gojo have suffered significant damage and are unable to use domain expansion, the current situation is unfavorable for Gojo, especially with Mahoraga’s presence.

In terms of potential future attack methods of Gojo, the following are mainly considered:

  • Activation of Kurosen (Black Flash).
  • Usage of an unknown technique from the “Kyokkotsu’s Extreme Number.”
  • Employment of unused techniques or unveiling new techniques using Mugen’gen (Infinite Void) jujutsu.

While the possibility of using domain expansion with both hands exists, considering the current strain on Gojo’s body, the likelihood of employing dual-handed domain expansion is low.

The most probable option could be the use of Kurosen. Since it’s known that Gojo has mastered this technique, if Mahoraga encounters it for the first time, it’s highly plausible that Gojo could easily destroy him with the initial strike

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 232 Spoilers | Could Gojo and Mahoraga End Up in a Draw?

The ultimate showdown between Gojo and Mahoraga is taking place. Of course, the question that remains on everyone’s mind is the outcome of their battle.

In a previous conversation between Geto and Gojo, there was a mention of an ancient battle between two heads of prominent clans. The narrative shared indicated that in that battle, the clan heads fought with all their might and both ended up dead.

These two individuals were described as being similar to Gojo, possessing Six Eyes, and to Geto, using the Ten Shadows technique. The current clash between Gojo and Mahoraga seems to echo that scenario, and there’s a possibility that their confrontation could result in an outcome reminiscent of that ancient battle, leading to a draw just like in the past..

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