How Mahoraga adapted to Infinite Void ? Jujutsu Kaisen
How Mahoraga adapted to Infinite Void ? Jujutsu Kaisen

In episode 229 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo’s Limitless Void finally hits Sukuna. However, the Mahoraga summoned by Sukuna has already adapted to the Infinite Void.

Fourth Domain Expansion

In Chapter 229, Gojo performed the Fourth Domain Expansion.

Here is a record of Gojo’s previous Domain Expansions:

  • First Domain Expansion: Destroyed due to vulnerability to external attacks.
  • Second Domain Expansion: Resistant to external attacks, but destroyed by a slash enhancement from Sukuna’s binding.
  • Third Domain Expansion: Reduced in size to endure Sukuna’s attacks for three minutes. Personally, I speculate that Sukuna might have been able to restore the curse technique from the beginning when he defeated Mahoraga in Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 14.

The reason for this speculation is that Sukuna used a curse technique immediately after performing the Domain Expansion to defeat Mahoraga.

This could be explained if Sukuna had healed the burned curse technique. (Though one could also interpret that Sukuna possesses multiple curse technique)

The Fourth Domain Expansion, like the Third, enhances the barrier’s strength by reducing its size. Sukuna also performed the Second Domain Expansion.

Normally, Sukuna should not be able to perform consecutive Domain Expansions as his curse technique would be burned out.

However, Sukuna can also use reverse curse techniques like Gojo, allowing him to perform consecutive Domain Expansions.

It remains unclear whether Sukuna naturally possessed the ability to restore curse techniques or learned it by observing Gojo’s method, as indicated in the Angel’s story.

Fifth Domain Expansion

The result of the fourth domain expansion was that Sukuna destroyed Gojo’s domain at the same time as Gojo dealt damage to Sukuna that made him unable to maintain his domain (= a tie).

Then, Gojo performed the fifth domain expansion and Sukuna performed the third domain expansion. At this time, Sukuna had been damaged to his body, and the healing of his technique by the reverse technique was delayed.

As a result, Gojo’s limitless void hit Sukuna.

(If you look closely at the fonts of the “domain expansion” of Gojo and Sukuna in this scene, there is a shadow, which is thought to suggest that Sukuna’s “domain expansion” was delayed by one beat.)

After receiving limitless void, Sukuna was unable to move, received a lot of damage from Gojo, and was unable to maintain his domain. It is thought that Gojo’s domain returned to its normal size as Sukuna’s domain collapsed.

Therefore, it can be interpreted that Gojo went to close the distance in order to deliver a finishing blow to Sukuna.

The Summoning of Mahoraga

How Mahoraga adapted to Infinite Void ? Jujutsu Kaisen
How Mahoraga adapted to Infinite Void ? Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna, who has taken heavy damage from Limitless Void, summons his trump card, Mahoraga. However, Gojo, who knows how to defeat Mahoraga (to kill it with a single blow at first sight), tries to destroy Mahoraga with his Reverse Technique, “Hak.”

However, Mahoraga has already adapted to Limitless Void and destroys Gojo’s Limitless Void in return. The reason why Mahoraga adapted to Gojo’s Limitless Void is thought to be because Sukuna activated Mahoraga while hiding from Gojo.

Even in the battle against Jogo, Sukuna activated Mahoraga and adapted to Jogo’s domain expansion, which he should have seen for the first time. Therefore, it can be interpreted that Sukuna was also fighting while activating Mahoraga in the battle against Gojo.

(In fact, Gojo also wondered, “Why didn’t you use Ten Shadows Technique?”)

Well, so far, the Mahoraga’s formation has rotated twice. This can be interpreted as Mahoraga adapted to something twice.

The second adaptation (229th chapter) is Limitless Void, but the first adaptation (228th chapter) is unknown. The first adaptation is to the guard of Infinity Cursed Technique from the previous and subsequent descriptions.

If Mahoraga has already adapted to Infinity Cursed Technique, Gojo is in a desperate situation.

Even if not, from the last comment, “a defiant smile that breaks the balance,” it is possible that the balance of Gojo vs Sukuna has shifted to Sukuna. (Well, Gojo is thought to lose because the protagonist, Yuji Itadori, can only make a move if Gojo fails.)


The battle of Gojo vs. Sakuna and its end result is not certain yet. Sukuna’s Mahoraga has the capacity to adapt its opponent’s technique promptly.

This shows that Sukuna is an irritating and also powerful challenger to him. Gojo is damaged, as well as the end result of this fight will undoubtedly alter history and also change the future of the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe.

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