Hell’s Paradise a story about the expedition to retrieve the elixir of Life, a potion that grants immortality to whoever is lucky enough to get their hands on. I have mentioned Top 10 strongest criminal in Hell’s Paradise characters.

It the Elixir is located on the legendary island of ‘shin senkyo’, a land of paradise where deities and mystical Hermits roam. Although the Shogun and his dynasty refer to the place as Heaven on the island. The only thing that awaits those who hunt for never-ending life is Hell.

After multiple Expeditions of varying quantities and quality of people have been wasted. All coming back blossomed into Flowers and Things of Eldritch Horror. Instead of throwing away more good human the Shogun decides to send criminals on death row. People already condemned to their ends to the Paradise Island. In Search Of The Elixir. After holding a culling to reduce the criminal’s numbers down to 10. The remaining survivors are selected for the task at hand.

The criminals will be ranked on aspects of strength, intelligence, adaptability. How they personally face against the different Monsters of the island and also against one another. Most importantly the character’s aptitude with ‘Tau’ the energy source of Hell’s Paradise.

rest assured this ranking was done in the most unbiased and fair way possible. Your favorite character may not end up where you want them to. Here we are to discuss about hell’s paradise strongest characters.

10. Moro Makaya

Moro Makaya

At the bottom of the list we have ‘Moro Makaya’ the apostate. at some point in his life Moro decided he would be a much more deserving leader to the country than the Shogun. Known to be quite charming and a master of manipulation. Moro was able to amass a rather large religious cult. Based off a fusion of multiple legitimate faiths.

This entire plot was shattered when Moro was arrested for his crimes though.

Being sentenced to death Maura was then recruited by a Simon Genji. He offered a pardon, if he could retrieve the elixir of life from Shin senkyo.

Like the other criminals he was put to the test during selection day. being one of the last 10 remaining. Moro clearly wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.

Moro Makaya

As the manipulation master was easily LED astray by uzariha the kunoichi. After a falling victim to her charm he became a test subject for the human-faced insects. Displaying how their sting causes the blooming corpses. Morrow also helped the survivors come to the conclusion the human face centipedes only eat the dead.hell’s paradise strongest characters.

9. Akaginu, The Cannibal Courtesan


Hell’s paradise strongest Criminal characters and another red herring of a character akaginu. The cannibal courtesan was another well-known Criminal on death row. Before the expedition to Shin senkyo began recruitment Infamous for her reputation of luring men in with her lustrous charm. Taking advantage of their vulnerability. Feasting on the Flesh of any male unwise enough to fall victim to her seduction.
Eventually akagini was caught after devouring multiple victims. A craving she finds hard to resist especially when meeting men, reflect new or different personalities than what akaginu is used to.

Before being executed, she is offered a pardon by a Simon Shion. During the selection event survives. The Vicious Killing Spree that reduces the candidates down to their number of 10.

Another supposed quote-unquote master manipulator like Moro before her. when landing on the island akaginu wastes no time in attempting to make her assigned to Simone her next meal. After Xi’an rejects her advances. Akaginu becomes enticed by this new thrill. He attempts to violate the Asimon who responds by executing the temptress on the spot.

Her story forever left behind on the island of shinsenkyo, with her fellow man of wit Morrow. Why you ask is she the higher ranked one? all I’m saying is I’m thinking twice before knocking akagino’s block off compared to Morrow’s.hell’s paradise strongest characters. She is also the hell’s paradise strongest characters.

8. The Killing Buddha Horubo


Killing Buddha harubo was a criminal on death row said to be too dangerous to be left alive. A brutal individual sentenced to death for his murderous crime. He was offered a pardon by a Simone jika what made harubo so dangerous was his unnatural body. Arubo’s stomach was known to be able to digest anything and his brain was said to only think in sutras.hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

The Killing Buddha Horubo

Having the unique ability to stretch and contort his limbs in such a way to restrain or constrict opponents. Using these strange traits, Aruba was able to survive the initial selection culling that takes place on the beach.

Harubo’s violent tendencies made him incapable of even waiting till the criminals reached the island to attack his fellow man. Using his Macabre constriction ability to attempt to suffocate Aza Chobe while still on the Travel boat, however, attempt is the key word here as Harubo is immediately thwarted by Jobe who overpowers and essentially crumbles the old monk to dust with his bear hands.

The only thing that keeps Aruba above the two candidates below is the fact Harubo actually had some unique abilities that weren’t just being good looking. Because of his abnormal physical structure he is hell’s paradise strongest characters.

7. Nurugai


The last remaining member of the Sanka, a peaceful Mountain group that hadn’t sworn their loyalty to the Shogun. Norigai wrongfully convicted after accidentally revealing the location of her group to a group of Samurai. Having no Allegiance, they were all wiped out. It was Yamada, a Simon tenza, that offered her a pardon with the elixir of Life Expedition. He is also the small but hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters with lot of potential.

Although starting off at the beginning of the story as a young child believing they sent to Shinshenkyo for divine punishment, after meeting a Simon tenza and Xion, Nurigai begins to commit herself to living and learns to respect the samurai around her before Awakening to her Tau, the energy source of the series. Norigai was still quite agile for a young child. I mean she survived the damn selection Massacre. Zhu Jin, a lord Tenzin, even compliments the child on being quite Nimble for a human.hell’s paradise strongest characters.

Nurugai also shown able to dodge and cut Mudon’s Stinger’s effort, much to Sagiri’s Amazement. As far as swordsmanship goes, Norigai at least displayed enough talent pre-training to help Tenza slash away at the Wadatsumi Tentacles when attempting to escape by sea. Nurigai later hones these skills under a Simon Shion, able to replicate signature attacks of a Simone tenza like Ito Ryu ultimate pounding Torin. And once Nurigai does unlock her Tau, she is strong enough to easily dispatch monsters summoned by Zoo Jin fused with the Banco plan, something that none of the previous entries would have had a chance accomplishing.

Nurugai does spend most of the story being protected by Xion, but in her defense, she’s 12. However, there younger candidates that actually got ranked higher, so maybe I’m wrong. He is the smallest strongest criminal characters of hell’s paradise who might even grow a lot of stronger with his age.

6. Warped Keiun

Warped Keiun

After becoming one of the 10 criminals to survive the selection called Warped, Keiun disembarks on the island of Kotaku with plans to eliminate every single other criminal in order to award himself unlimited time to search for and collect the elixir of Life. Boy, how badly that would have gone for him in his past.

Keiun was training to become a sohei, a Buddhist Warrior monk. At some point during his training, Cayune developed, as Gabimaru puts it, a perverted attraction to weapons and armor, becoming so obsessed. Keiun stole over 100 weapons from martial artists and known for slaying a large quantity of Blade Masters in the region. With his potential and dedication in the list of criminal, he is also hell’s paradise strongest characters.

Warped Keiun

While on death row, Yamada, a Simon Kisho, offers Warped Keiun a chance at pardon. Taehyun carries this cast of over 100 weapons with him to the island, consisting of wrecking balls, spears, katanas, among other things. However, what has truly warped Keiun’s most notable feature is his living armor. Real red battle armor, graphed and stitched into the skin of Keiun’s torso, which can protect him from most standard weapon attacks.

Although considered deadly enough to be arrested and sentenced to execution on the mainland. During his battle with Gabimaru on the island, Warped Keiun was unable to land a single critical hit with any of his weapons. Despite Gabimaru spending most of their fight attempting to rebind his wrists after surviving one significant spear thrust. Thanks to Keon’s Living Armor, he decimated shortly after revealing his power. Gabi Maru, the hollow, used Keiun’s own stock of remaining weaponry against him to deliver countless impalements, ending Warped Keiun’s reign.

5. Rokurota The Giant Of Bizen

Rokurota hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

At the young age of eight, suffering from a very abnormal case of gigantism, Roku Rata, one of the 10 selected death row criminals to embark on the Expedition for the elixir of life. Remaining mostly in silence, most of Roku Rata’s time spent sleeping or lounging, with the giant’s outbursts only occurring when he becomes hungry. We cannot deny that hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters, even Gabimaro also fought hard to kill him.

While growing up as a larger-than-average child in his village, Roku Rata’s parents treated him well, fed him a lot, and allowed him to play with rocks. However, during one of his rampages, Roku Rata unknowingly slaughters his entire village, including his parents. It revealed later in the story that while having these tantrums, Roku Rata’s childlike innocence views this violence as mere playtime.


Immediately after reaching the island, Roku Rata crushes his Keiun Asaemon Eisen, the number 1 ranked executioner, within mere moments of arrival. He depicted as capable of throwing full-grown trees and destroying plots of ground effortlessly. He said to devour full-grown bears headfirst. The giant is not only powerful but durable, as ordinary weapons have no real effect on his body. Roku Rata slept through the entire selection massacre despite multiple criminals attempting to critically wound him. Hell’s paradise the biggest body and destructive strongest criminal characters.

After a day of wandering, Roku Rata encounters Gabimaru, the hollow, and a Simon Sagiri. They find themselves unable to do any real damage to the giant themselves. Gabimaru claims that even the smallest grazes of Roku Rata’s massive strength could be a finishing blow. Sagiri also mentions that the giant may be unconsciously using Tau, the manipulation of Life Energy, which would explain his ridiculous defensive capabilities. The pair is only able to conquer Roku Rata by setting the forest ablaze and poisoning the giant with smoke, forcing him to lower his neck enough for Sagiri to land a decapitation on him. As Roku Rata had no other foreseeable weaknesses, and it seemed he is undoubtedly hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

4. Yuzuriha

Yuzuriha hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

Born into a Shinobi village with a little sister named Saya, after the young girl passes from an incurable illness, Uzuriha vows to live her life to the fullest for both of them. This results in her self-centered and disloyal personality, which ultimately shapes her into the skilled kunoichi she is today. At some point in her ninja career, she raided Sagiwa Castle and defeated all of its retainers, but later, she caught and sentenced to death for her crimes. With her protentional she is also a hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters .

Assigned to a Simone Center and sent off to Shinsenkyo to retrieve the elixir of life, Uzuriha deceives Moro Makaya, the apostate, into forming an alliance. However, this alliance goes poorly for Moro, who becomes bait for the human-faced insects for Uzuriha’s research purposes. Uzuriha also manages to charm a Simone Genji, originally paired with Moro, to follow her until his passing at Roku Rata’s hands.

Although Uzuriha’s wit is commendable, her physical prowess as a kunoichi is also impressive. She is one of the only criminals to be aware of Tau before coming to the island, claiming her people referred to this energy as Ki. Due to Uzuriha’s conscious control, most of her Ninjutsu buffed by her Tau. Allowing her to conceal her presence from even Lord Tenzin-level enemies or substitute herself with other objects of similar size. Her control of Tau also includes the standard ability to read opponents’ attacks and sense others from a distance. This makes Yuzuriha a dangerous threat physically, both in terms of attack power and speed.

When she combines her physical abilities with her tonics, Yuzuriha becomes a high-level fighter. By ingesting different ninja tonics. Her body secretes fluids that can be used for different Ninjutsu. Her most notable abilities include ninpo nenshi, sticky string that can ensnare enemies, and alternate between sharp strings that can shred opponents or toxic strings that poison the victim. Yuzuriha manipulates these strings in various ways to adapt to different situations, proving her usefulness in fights against formidable opponents. Her knowledge and skill is also hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

Additionally, Yuzuriha possesses a final ultimate ability named ninpo gyoko or congealing armor. She is a key member of the Vanguard group that led on to survive the events of the island. Despite Yuzuriha’s craftiness and strategic positioning in team fights, if caught on her own, she falls behind a couple of the other criminals but would probably be able to outsmart and poison Roku Rata.

3. Gantetsusai Tamiya

Gantetsusai hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

A renowned blade Master known throughout the nation as Blade Dragon or Unparalleled in Eight Provinces, Gontetsu Sai Tamiya constantly seeks out strong opponents or monsters in order to make a name for himself and develop his skills further. Responsible for a large enough ego that Gontetsu Sai could care less about the elixir of life or the pardon when first arriving on the island, Gontetsu Sai only cares about going down in history for doing something amazing.

Originally named Tetsunosuke, at a young age he trained in the art of swordsmanship. He departed his original Master after scolded for being too greedy for power. Tetsunosuke instead spent the rest of his life tackling stronger foes. Eventually, renaming himself to Maya Gontetsusai after stealing part of the name from a dojo he stormed and conquered early in his career. With a doubt he is also the hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

In order to truly challenge himself, Gontetsu Sai attempted to slay a monster the size of a ship’s keel, and after cutting it down completely, he earned his title “Blade Dragon.” He invited to work for the daimyo. However, after confronted about not actually slaying any real dragons. Gontetsu Sai responded by slicing the daimyo’s front gate in half. Landing him on death row and seeking a pardon for the Shinsenkyo Expedition.

Assigned to a Simone Fushi upon first arriving at the island, Gontetsu Sai is already strong enough to strike down a monshin, a mid-level Hermit, something Rienne says is anything but ordinary for a human being to accomplish. This is after the Blade Dragon cut off one of his hands, reacting quickly to a sting from the human-faced butterflies during the selection Massacre.

Gontetsu Sai is physically powerful enough to lift an entire man up and swing them around with one hand. In fights against opponents, he is able to catch their weapons by the blade, overpowering them. Gontetsu Sai pairs his attack power with excellent speed, able to cut down a horde of foes and react defensively to attacks.

At his peak, Gontetsu Sai is able to summon air-compressed slashes with tremendous force, strong enough to almost cut through an entire ship. However, Gontetsu Sai, like Nurugai, does not unlock his ability to use Tau until very late in the story. He achieves this by cutting out one of his eyes and dulling his senses, allowing him to read incoming projectile attacks and enhance his swordsmanship.

Without a doubt, Gontetsu Sai is one of the most powerful criminals on the island. If he possessed the supernatural aspect of things, he would likely surpass the last two criminals ranked above him. Gontetsu Sai’s prowess is over 90 percent of Hell’s Paradise. You can see that he is also hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

2. Aza Chabei The Bandit King

Aza Chabei hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

Born as a son along with his brother Tomah to a retainer under daimyo Asano. Takunori, after the daimyo sentenced to seppuku, all of the retainers shamed and dropped to the level of ronin. Eventually, Chabei’s father executed for his connection to the late daimyo, and his mother passed away due to illness. The brothers left to fend for themselves, becoming kidnapped by a gang of bandits and planned to be sold. Although the brothers eventually became integrated with the bandits, rising up and becoming the group’s leaders known as the Bandit King in the mountains. His extraordinary talent shows that he is hell’s paradise strongest Criminal characters.

Chabei, according to a Simon jika, had enough crimes for multiple death sentences. Over time, when finally cornered and arrested, his brother Tomah was able to escape. While Chabei arrested and interrogated on death row, his brother Toma infiltrated the Yamada a Simone ranks. His extraordinary adoptability shows that he is hell’s paradise strongest characters. Once appointed as an executioner, Simon Toma returned to his imprisoned brother Chabei, offering him the pardon through the elixir of Life Expedition.

Striking first blood during the selection massacre, Chabei is also the first to take out one of the 10 criminals brutalizing Harubo, the Killing Buddha. When the latter attempts to strangle Chobe by surprise on the boat to the island, the Bandit King is no stranger to violence, and his brutal nature allows him to easily dominate any fight, especially when paired with his quick adaptability. I have listed him in the 2nd of my criminal list of hell’s paradise strongest characters.

Placed in any extreme situation, Chabei is able to carefully analyze what options are best for him and immediately discover the enemies’ weaknesses in order to ensure success. Upon arrival at the island, Chobe is already capable of slaying multiple foes with a giant axe, without having much knowledge about their structure.

After fighting his way through to the center of the island, Chabei is the first to stumble upon two Lord Tenzin. After outclassed, both Chabei and Toma thrown down a tan pi. An almost bottomless hole meant to strand humans and convert them into Life Energy once their bodies eventually deteriorate and fuse with the flower.

Chabei says, “nah Fuk That!” that takes himself and his brother and crawls their asses out of that entire pit, something Mudon claims shouldn’t be possible. While I’m more than willing to say Chabei is just him, this may have everything to do with the fact that Chabei’s body became fused with the flower towel that surrounded the entire tan pit, transforming Chabei into a semi-immortal that can regenerate from almost any and all damage.

When trapped inside the tan pit, Chabei’s natural Tau and the flower Tau accidentally created a perfect balance, resulting in Chabei’s human body shifting and becoming nigh impossible to cause any significant damage to. It very similar in structure to the Lord Tens and Hermits. Even after critical injuries like Chabei’s throat ripped out or his broken. This new transformation allows Chabei’s body to heal, and this regeneration can’t be hindered. Having a metal towel element. This would need to be a fire Tau element. Chabei can only be killed when a fire Tau element strikes directly into the plant ovule located in his Tandon.

Despite being so new to the world of Tau, Chabei’s adaptability allows him to quickly grow and level up, instantly outmatching a Doshi, a high-level hermit directly trained under the Lord Tenzin themselves. Minutes after unlocking these Tau abilities, Chabei can charge and surround himself with this energy to buff his attack power and read his opponent’s moves effortlessly. He carries such an abnormal reserve of Tau that even young May takes note when Gabimaro and Chabei first meet. The lead Tensin Rien takes an interest in Chabei’s unique existence, participating in boshujutsu with the Bandit King and having the different Lord Tensin train Chabei in the various forms of Tau.

After participating in a ritual to become even closer in spirit to a hermit like the Tenzin, Chabei learns even more about the nature of Tao tan and the spirituality surrounding it.

Aza Chabei hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

Chabei final form and ultimate attack lie in his ability to completely unleash the Watanwa flower within him. Similar to a Lord Tenzin’s Kishikai form. Chabei transforms into a demonic beast with vines sprouting out all over his body. While in this mode, his destructive power and speed become immeasurable. The vines can also shapeshift into deadly weapons like scythes or axes.

At first, Chabei is unable to control himself, but as he develops and learns more from Rien. Chabei’s calmer personality allows him to take more control over this demonic Tau. Chabei’s dive into the abyss and accept the madness in this new world. He allows him to truly take hold of the situation and gain a certain level of control. Even the creators of the island didn’t think it was possible within one single day. Chabei quickly rose up Kotaku’s food chain, delivering death to Doshi-level Hermits besting Lord Tenzin. Eventually synchronizing with his Tau enough to single-handedly spread his vines through all of Horai. Deliver the final blow to the five separate nature element tandons of the Banco-infused Zhujin. He has both talent and he is also the hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters par with Gabimaru.

Some of you might even yell at me for not putting him up at number one. But that’s reserved for one person and one person only.

1. Gabimaru, The Hollow

Gabimaru hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

Gabimaru, the Hollow, is an elite Shinobi from the village of Iwagakir. The final holder of the title Gabimaru, the Hollow. He betrayed by his village chief for attempting to abandon Shinobi and retire for a peaceful life with his wife. Unable to executed properly, Gabimaru chooses to live and find the elixir of life. For a chance to reunite with his wife.

During the election event, when called out for not participating in senseless killing. Gabimaru admits that he doesn’t enjoy taking lives without reason. However, if his life impeded in any way, he will not hesitate to take the lives of others. Despite the burden of executing others, he accepts violence as a necessity.

Gabimro’s original name was Suki, and his parents murdered by the Village Chief. He is the main and hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

Gabimaro underwent grueling training as a shinobi in Iwagakir, enduring brutal tests of will that most children do not survive. Only the strongest make it through, and with the Village Chief pushing him to become Gabi Maru the Hollow.

However, Gabimaro became enamored with the normalcy his wife Yui brought into his life while on the island. Although he no longer embodies heartless violence, his combat skills remain sharp .Even without being conscious of Tau. Gabi Maro was able to hold his own against a Lord Tenzin-level hermit upon arriving on the island. His speed, durability, and attack power are among the highest in the story.

His harsh upbringing giving him inhuman abilities such as being able to dislocate his neck, stop his heart from beating. Harden vital points of his body unable to take any real damage from beheading, immolation. Gabi Maru’s Shinobi training allows him to puncture foe’s bodies with his bare hand. Shown strong enough to exchange as well as indoor attacks from the giant Roku Rata. Someone who even two high-ranking Asymon couldn’t withstand.

Gabimaru can also fire flames from his mouth with Ninpo Pyro Bridge. These are only a small number of the multiple different Jutsu Gabimaru has in his arsenal. Gabi Morrow is a master at analyzing a situation instantly when facing numerous unknowns on the island. Gabimaru always goes into the fight with a cool head and openness to new information. This allows him to create win conditions in normal disadvantageous situations, like in his battle with Roku Rata. why he lost fights against stronger opponents such as Zoo Jin and course-correct to map out plans for future encounters.

This high level of intelligence allows Gabi Maro to quickly pick up new strategies or techniques. That is why, only after a short time on Kotaku, he’s able to become such a high-level master of Tau. When fighting against Adoshi, the direct student of the Tenzin.

With his excellence in wielding Tau. Gabi Maru holds a high skill in detecting enemy presences. To the point the Shinobi is able to effectively map out an entire surrounding of a fortress. Scouting the entire castle of Horai and being able to identify any and all personnel within to avoid skirmishes. In moments, Gabimaro is, of course, able to use this foresight to read his opponent’s movements. But to a degree, even a large group of Iwagakir Shinobi were powerless against him. Effortlessly keeping up with what may as well have been his equal in Shinobi talent, Shija. While focusing on keeping Sagiri safe from harm from outside forces during the entire battle. I listed him in the hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters.

Gabimaru hell's paradise strongest criminal characters

This unique extra sensory with Tau also allows Gabi Maro to find opponents’ weak spots. Even if the attacks he lands are low effort. They cause massive damage due to the location Gabi Maro hits them in. Per the course, Gabi Maro can also use his Tau manipulation to hide his presence from others. Gabimaru’s power is same level as a Lord Tenzin when it comes to Tau control. His ability to “redirect” an opponent’s Tau back at them. Gabimaru turn stronger opponents’ own power back on them and decimate their offenses. Who is the hell’s paradise strongest criminal characters in you opinion?

Gabimaru injects himself with one of Mudon’s stingers during the invasion of Horai. Overcoming borification by pure willpower alone and essentially transcending life. Like Chobe, Gabimaro is able to regenerate his body regardless of any critical damage incurred. That makes him immortal unless otherwise hindered by a countering Tau nature. Able to strike the plant ovule hidden inside of his Tandon, i.e., water. If you think Gabumaru is not the strongest please comment on this post on hell’s paradise Criminal strongest characters list.

Source of information : – Hell’s Paradise Strongest Criminal Characters

Gabimru strictly above Chabei is the fact that his fire Tau element will remain a counter to Chobe’s metal element. Gabimaro’s ability to redirect the flow of Tau. Even Chabei’s most powerful attacks will ultimately end up reflected back at him.

Who is the most powerful in Hell’s Paradise?

Chabei has extraordinary adaptability talent and is the strongest character in hell’s Paradise, but Gabimaru has instinct and inhuman strength. He also has a flame that can burn anything, which is quite the opposite of the Chabei Metal element. But When Gabimaru Learns to use Tao, he will be the strongest character in Hell’s Paradise.

Is Gabimaru strong?

Gabimro’s original name was Suki, and his parents were murdered by the Village Chief when their plans to escape were discovered. Gabimaro underwent grueling training as a shinobi in Iwagakir, enduring brutal tests of will that most children do not survive. Only the strongest make it through, and with the Village Chief pushing him to become Gabi Maru the Hollow, extra hardships were placed on him. He is the main Protagonist of hell’s Paradise’s strongest character as a criminal. 

Can Gabimaru beat Rien?

Rien has a high level of battle experience of 1000 years, and his proficiency in close combat makes him even stronger than Gabimaru, But after Gabimaru learns how to use Tao. He became the strongest character in the manga. And Gabimaru has Brutal strength and high-level instinct that makes him even stronger than any other character,

How strong is Sagiri Hell’s Paradise?

Despite having a low rank in Asaemon, Sagiri is quite a formidable opponent in real battle. She has a high breathing technique that increases her speed and accuracy. In the last episode, she can even inflect damage to Tensen that was hard to recover from.

How strong is Rokurota?

Roku Rata crushes his Keiun Asaemon Eisen, the number 1 ranked executioner, within mere moments of arrival. He is depicted as capable of throwing full-grown trees and destroying plots of ground effortlessly. He is said to devour full-grown bears headfirst. The giant is not only powerful but durable, as ordinary weapons have no real effect on his body. Roku Rata slept through the entire selection massacre despite multiple criminals attempting to critically wound him.

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