Hancock Death Theory: Part 1 – Oda Sensei’s Handwritten Message (Hancock’s death in One Piece)

Oda Sensei's Handwritten Message

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During Jump Festa 2020, Oda Sensei posted a handwritten message on Twitter. The message included the phrase ‘Sabo, Hancock, Vivi’. Regarding Sabo and Vivi, they have appeared in the World Conference arc, so it is likely referring to them. However, there has been no news or updates about Hancock whatsoever.

Because Hancock’s name was mentioned in this message. It sparked speculation that something might have happened to her regarding Hancock’s death in One Piece. Subsequently, a theory emerged among fans suggesting that Hancock might have already died. Given that even the immensely powerful Warlords of the Sea have been abolished and the story is entering its final chapters. It wouldn’t be strange for one former Warlord member to meet their demise.

Hancock Death Theory: Part 2 – Captured by Coby (Hancock’s death in One Piece)

Hancock's death in One Piece

The last mention of Hancock was in relation to Coby. Currently, Coby holds the rank of ‘Rear Admiral’ in the Marine Headquarters and possesses considerable strength. In a communication with the Marines, Coby stated, ‘I am currently heading to Amazon Lily to capture Hancock.’

From this, it is certain that Coby is heading towards Hancock. It was depicted that he had already surrounded Amazon Lily. However, what happened afterward has not been depicted at the present moment. As a result, the theory emerged that Hancock may have been captured and killed by Coby. Of course, there is also the possibility that she was captured but is still alive.

Regarding the question of whether Coby can defeat Hancock. It’s worth noting that Vice Admiral Momonga once stabbed himself with a knife to nullify Hancock’s petrification attack. If Coby knows about this method, there is a chance for victory. And, if there is a possibility that Coby is immune to attacks. Like Luffy or Chopper, then Coby would have a definite advantage.

With the abolition of the Warlords of the Sea system, Hancock has become a wanted individual by the government. Given that Coby is making moves to capture Hancock, there is a possibility that something has happened to her.”

What is the current situation of Hancock in One Piece? Hancock’s death in One Piece

I have presented several death theories, but let’s consider the current situation assuming that Hancock is alive. If Hancock had emerged victorious in her battle against Coby, she is likely still on Amazon Lily.

She is always attentive to Luffy’s actions , May be preparing to go and assist him in his time of need. Hancock has been a constant ally to Luffy. Having aided him in entering Impel Down and assisting him during his two-year training. She has always been on Luffy’s side.

There is a strong possibility that she will come to Luffy’s aid when it matters most. Additionally, there is a small girl named S-Snake within a robot known as Seraphim that appeared on Egghead Island.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. It is speculated that this Seraphim has the ability to petrify others, which aligns with Hancock’s abilities. The introduction of a Seraphim, model that potentially resembles Hancock. At this point could be a foreshadowing of Hancock’s future appearance.

Who is Boa Hancock ? Hancock’s death in One Piece

Hancock's death in One Piece?

Boa Hancock also known as Pirate Empress. Hancock possesses the ability of the Mero Mero no Mi, which allows her to charm and petrify her opponents. This Devil Fruit power falls under the Paramecia category. And was considered one of the strongest abilities among the former Warlords of the Sea.

When most people are affected by her attacks. They lose all ill intentions and become infatuated with Hancock. Which is why her ability is often referred to as a cheat or overpowered ability. However, as mentioned earlier, there are individuals who can distract themselves from her charm by inflicting pain upon themselves. Thereby avoiding Hancock’s Mero Mero no Mi attacks.

The ability to make such instant judgments is limited, highlighting the extraordinary level of Hancock’s strength. Currently, with the abolition of the Warlords of the Sea system, Hancock’s bounty stands at 1,659,000,000 Berries.

Her bounty alone demonstrates that she is by no means weak and reveals her considerable prowess.

Conclusion: Hancock’s death in One Piece

  • Hancock’s death in One Piece has not been confirmed.
  • The last appearance of Hancock was when Coby was heading towards her.
  • There is a possibility that Hancock lost in a battle against Coby.
  • It is possible that Coby, being a member of the Navy, would fulfill his duties. And attack Hancock despite their association with Luffy.
  • If Hancock is still on Amazon Lily, she may come to Luffy’s aid in the future.
  • Sabo and Vivi were mentioned in Oda’s mysterious message, but Hancock has yet to appear.
  • The inclusion of Hancock’s name in Oda’s message suggests that something may have happened to her. And, indicates Hancock’s death in One Piece.
  • The current situation of Hancock is expected to be revealed in the future.

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