In the previous Blue Lock episode, we were shown Snuffy’s overwhelming skills. After Snuffy participated in the match, Italy changed their formation to a super-aggressive one, showcasing a different style of play from before.

Kiyoshi identifies a point where he can make a pass cut and tries to steal the ball, but Snuffy blocks his attempt. Kiyoshi and Noah try to flank Snuffy, but he effortlessly evades their attack.

While everyone’s attention is focused on Snuffy, he passes the ball to Mawolf, who takes a shot. However, Kiyoshi and Kaiser anticipated this and deflect the ball. Just when they thought they had overcome the crisis, Snuffy is the one who retrieves the second ball.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers | Can Germany Respond to Snuffy’s Tactics?

Blue Lock Chapter 223 Spoilers

With Snuffy’s intelligence and technical expertise, Germany is in a pinch. Considering that Snuffy has also read Kiyoshi’s Meta Vision, we cannot respond with our usual gameplay.

Given Snuffy’s tactics that don’t even give the enemy time to think, what measures will Germany take? We want to overcome this pinch as quickly as possible.

What does Kiyoshi get from Snuffy?

Snuffy’s approach to the game, which involves analyzing the game situation and strategically utilizing tactics, appears to greatly impact Kiyoshi’s gameplay. Throughout his career, Kiyoshi has successfully employed Meta-Vision to comprehend the dynamics of the battle and leverage it to his benefit.

In this particular match, it is my wish Kiyoshi to uncover valuable insights or cues from Snuffy. Kiyoshi’s continuous growth demands undivided attention; he is someone you simply cannot afford to overlook.

Kiyoshi and Kaiser teaming up?

Kiyoshi and Kaiser have an antagonistic relationship, competing against each other in goal-scoring despite being on the same team.

This goal-scoring rivalry will continue in the match against Italy, but there might be an opportunity to witness their cooperation in the next game against France. France has emerged victorious against Italy, and considering it is the showdown of the Neo-Egoist League; they are considered formidable opponents.

It would be intriguing to see the two who have been competing against each other coming together to collaborate.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers | What is Snuffy’s ability?

We will likely witness Snuffy, Italy’s coach, in action in the next game. Known as the “Crown Deliverer,” Snuffy has a track record of leading teams to championships. However, what are their characteristics as a player?

They excel in strategizing and utilizing tactics, giving a sense that they will exhibit cerebral gameplay. It’s exciting to anticipate how they will approach goal-scoring from now on.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers | What impact will Noah have on the match?

Alongside Snuffy’s participation, Noah is also playing in the match. Noah has already showcased significant contributions in the previous games.

In the first match of the Neo-Egoist League, they scored a goal, and in the second match, they fulfilled the role of stopping Chris. We can look forward to seeing what kind of play Noah will demonstrate in this match.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers | Will Snuffy Scores a Goal?

Italy is currently facing a precarious situation where they would suffer a defeat if Germany manages to score a goal. It is likely that strategic plans have been devised for Snuffy’s involvement in the game.

Nonetheless, it is crucial for Italy to secure at least one goal during that period. While there is anticipation for Malo’s goal-scoring abilities, witnessing Snuffy’s own scoring prowess would also be highly captivating.

Will Germany score their third goal?

Following Kaiser’s goal, the current score stands at 2-1.

In the Neo Egoist League, securing three points leads to victory. If Germany manages to score one more point, the game will conclude with Germany emerging as the victors.

Nevertheless, the absence of Italian coach Snuffy suggests that scoring the decisive final goal will present a challenge. Anticipation grows for the forthcoming developments in the game.

Is Kiyoshi capable of defeating Kaiser?

In this game, both Kiyoshi and Kaiser have each scored a goal. Can Kiyoshi find a way to score the remaining point?

Despite Lorenzo marking Kaiser, his goal showcased his outstanding ability. However, if Kiyoshi manages to score one more point, it will secure Germany’s victory. Therefore, it would be preferable to witness Kiyoshi scoring the decisive goal.

Will Malo be able to score?

After scoring Italy’s initial goal, Mao’s involvement in the game has diminished. Should Germany manage to score one more goal, the match will come to an end, highlighting the urgency to level the score beforehand.

Considering Mao’s remarkable hat-trick in the previous match, it is reasonable to anticipate further goals from him in this game. If Italy is to secure a point, witnessing Mao finding the net with a goal would be highly desirable.

Will Nigo’s Meta-Vision evolve?

Nigo was defeated in the Meta-Vision showdown against Kiyoshi and currently possesses abilities that are considered “second-rate” by Kiyoshi.

However, Nigo’s Meta-Vision is still a newly blossoming power, and it appears that Nigo hasn’t fully grasped its capabilities until being taught by Kiyoshi. In the future, it would be intriguing to see Nigo further train and develop their own unique way of using their eyes, harnessing that skill in their gameplay.

Can Kiyoshi defeat Aikū with Meta-Vision?

Aikū acquired Meta-Vision during the match against Germany. While Nigo was the first to gain this ability, Aikū already possessed exceptional spatial awareness and soccer IQ. Furthermore, in the Blue Lock versus U-20 Japan match, Aikū showcased an astounding play by entering FLOW and dataizing all movements of both themselves and the opponents.

Although Kiyoshi emerged victorious in the Meta-Vision showdown against Nigo, facing Aikū would prove to be quite challenging.

Can Germany win solely with individual skills?

Kiyoshi seems to believe that he can surpass Italy if he relies on individual skills rather than teamwork, but can this lead to victory in the game?

Certainly, Kiyoshi’s rate of growth is remarkable, but the members of the Italian team have also developed their abilities to a higher level.

While there is a desire to see Kiyoshi score, it would be interesting to witness Germany, who has been plagued by internal conflicts, come together and cooperate to win the match.

Has Kaiser’s past been revealed?

In the previous Blue Lock, the past of Lorenzo, one of the New Generation World 11, was revealed. However, Kaiser, who is also part of the 11, has not had his past unveiled.

While there have been many depictions of him during matches, he remains a character with many mysteries, so let’s hope that Kaiser’s past will be explored in the future.

Who will be the top scorer in the Neo Egoist Leagu

Mao is the frontrunner, having achieved a hat-trick and already scoring a goal against Germany.

Kaiser, Kunigami, Houraku, and Rin Itoshi are also strong contenders with impressive goal-scoring abilities, having netted two or more goals in the Neo Egoist League.

It’s intriguing to ponder who will claim the top scorer title in the forthcoming matches.

Will Hyōri participate in the match?

After the England match, there was a flashback revealing Hyōri’s dislike for soccer. With the focus shifting to Hyōri, there were expectations for their participation in the Italy match, but they did not start in the lineup.

However, in the Neo Egoist League, there are no restrictions on substitution slots. Therefore, there is a great possibility that Hyōri will participate in the upcoming Italy match.

Kiyoshi’s awakening shows no signs of stopping 😲

Kiyoshi's awakening

Kiyoshi, who undoubtedly played a pivotal role in the Manshine C match In that match, he learned the significance of the “protagonist’s sense” and combined it with Metavision to comprehend the opponent’s thoughts.

Even Noel Noah demonstrated a willingness to support Kiyoshi, confirming that he is gradually gaining recognition. However, Kiyoshi’s awakening will not come to a halt as the match continues.

If he continues to grow at this pace, he will undoubtedly become world-class by the time Blue Lock concludes. Keep an eye out for Kiyoshi’s future endeavors!

What are the results of the Neo Egoist League?

I would like to organize the results of the matches, including the latest one.

results of the Neo Egoist League

In Germany, led by Kiyoshi, Bastard Munich is performing impressively with two consecutive victories.

Nonetheless, the Neo Egoist League emphasizes individual rankings determined by the quality of the gameplay, rather than the mere outcome of matches.

Kiyoshi is showcasing exceptional skills, but he has yet to score as a striker, leaving me curious about the potential impact on his ranking.

I eagerly anticipate the upcoming game to see if he can find the back of the net.

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