25+ Best Murim Manhwa with Op Mc Recommendation

To save your time from searching badass martial arts manhwa all over the internet. I’ve listed 25 best murim manhwa with op mc that I’ve personally read. I can guarantee you will definitely love these manhwa.

Here is the manhwa with God level Genius character, Adventure and catholic sword flight that make you feel goosebump from reading the storylines and a manhwa fan like me all over the world attracted and I’ve carefully selected the good murim manhwa recommendations with op mc.

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List of 25 Best Murim Manhwa with Op Mc Recommendation

Chronicles of the Demon Faction

Chronicles of the Demon Faction

World best Assassin of Righteous Heavenly Alliance, Chun Hajin. Desperately fighting to survive and for the freedom that he is seeking for 30 years. He was the top 10 strongest martial masters, but he was hunting by the righteous heavenly alliance leader. Wounded and exhausted Chun Hajin fighting to survive with the Death Lord and at last beheaded by the Secret Demon Queen.

After that, he has reincarnated as young lord of Heavenly Demon Divine cult who’ve been suffering from QI blockage. You can see, how he interact with Demon Lord and how he regain his power and become powerful martial arts of demon cult.

I’ll rate Chronicles of the Demon Faction manhwa 10 out of 10. this manhwa is filled with exciting story and it is one of the best murim manhwa related to murim. I strongly recommend this murim manhwa because the mc has op martial arts knowledge and best instinct of assassin.

Star Instructor, Master Baek

Star Instructor, Master Baek

There were 4 masters who were being imprisoned by the Demon Cult. To dominate the murim, Demon cult forced a child to learned their martial arts. After 10 years, He mastered the Heaven Defying Divine Arts but at the they all died ( 4 masters and the child ) by Blood Demon. After that, he woke up in the body of a martial arts master in a rural village called Baek Suryong. He trained martial arts everyday despite being illness.

This is the manhwa filled with Adventure and surprise with badass strict MC. You’ll love it this manhwa should be rated 10/10. You’ll find out once you read it.

Reaper of the drifting moon

Reaper of the drifting moon

There was a boy named Pyo Wol. He was a drifter who roamed the lands but one day he captured by a man and thrown him into darkness where he has to fight with the people like him in order to survive. They are crucially training him to make the best assassins. This is story filled with entertain. You can feel the pain and hardness of Pyo Woll and what he is gone through to become assassin.

I’ll rate this manhwa 10/10. Because, the story struggle and the survival instinct shown in this manhwa is just something I personally recommend. You will definitely love it how he takes his revenge with the murim world at the end. You should read this manhwa, this murim all sorts of things link world, revenge and good mc with martial arts.

Bowblade Spirit

Bowblade Spirit best murim manhwa

In this manhua the grandfather of the MC is a Archer martial arts. He teaches his grandson various types of archery like Multishot, Ki guided arrow and Headhunter. He tamp a Gyrfalcon and named is as Ironblood. When his grandson mastered all the archery techniques and footwork ( wolfstep ) make him shocked. His grandfather intense training and with his talent how he continue his journey to find his wife. The tragedy and betrayal overall fantastic story just read it guys I’m telling you.

I’ll rate it 9.5/10 animation is not good but the story is OP. Check out this murim manhwa with is really good and how he overcome all the challenges and become strongest mc.

Moon Shadow Sword Emperor

Moon Shadow Sword Emperor best murim manhwa with op mc

Yeon So-Woon finds himself trapped in a life filled with misery and despair. As a disciple of the Heavenly Demon within the chaotic Demonic Sect, he experiences betrayal from his own brother and meets his tragic end.

However, fate gives him a second chance as he awakens in his childhood, before the Demonic Sect pulls him into its clutches. He determined to avoid the horrors he once endured, Yeon So-Woon Calculative plans for his new life. With revenge against the Demonic Sect at the forefront of his mind, he aspires to rise as an influential elder in the esteemed Murim Union and live a life of prosperity and respect.

Moon Shadow Sword Emperor captivates with its exploration of regression and revenge tropes within the Murim world. While following a familiar narrative path, The pacing is engaging, the fight scenes are exhilarating, and the mc exudes a remarkable level of strength and determination. With these , Moon Shadow Sword Emperor earns a rating of 9.5/10, I’ve listed this murim manhwa as one of the best recommendation. This manhwa is worth watching, I can assure that the mc has more than you’ve experienced.

Path of Shaman

Path of Shaman

In a world where the Grim Reaper’s call can snatch you away to the underworld, Hyeokyeon Mugang, an impressive leader of the Sa Clan, finds himself on the brink of death. Just as they are about to call and drag him to the underworld, sealing his terrible destiny.

He defies it all by consuming the Herb of Immortality. To his surprise, he survives and finds himself surrounded by elders. Shocked, he discovers that he has become an unassuming errand boy in the mystical realm of the ‘Shamans’ Mountain. I’ve listed this manhwa on my best murim manhwa it deserved to be called one of the best manhwa with op mc.

After becoming a Shaman, he goes against the rules and how he helps the murim throughout his actions, filled with surprises, adventures, and mind-blowing martial arts that will surprise and make you dive into the imagination. Just experience and this will be undoubtedly enjoyable. I’ll rate Path of Shaman 9/10, and with the it’s unrival story, you will never be bored.

Heavenly Sword’s Grand Saga

Heavenly Sword's Grand Saga

Jin Wigang is returned to the past to save the murim by his masters and ended up being a big fatty Young Master Yoo Hyun. In order to save the murim his first priority was to loose weight and train martial arts that is challenging him duo to condition of his body. After a harsh training he loose weight and departed for the adventure to save the murim.

This story is quite interesting and funny you will definitely enjoy this manhwa. I have listed Heavenly Sword’s grand saga among my best murim manhwa with genius martial arts. I’ll rate it 9.5/10. This manhwa rightfully earns its place as a good mc murim manhwa with op personality. You will love it once you started to read it.

Records of the Swordman Scholar

Records of the Swordman Scholar

Woon Hyun who had passed the Imperial Examination was assigned to the crown prince’s direct institution, called Azure Dragon House. In the large and destitute forbidden city, he meets the people he can trust. learns martial arts from his sworn brother. Research legacy of the martial knowledge left by his preceding scholars, and eventually becomes an op expert who will leave a huge impact in the murim world.

This murim manhwa also called Legends of the Swordsman Schoolar ( Экзамен на учёного學士劍傳학사검전 ) and it is filled with action, drama, fantasy, martial arts and shounen. I’ll be rating it 9/10. I personally love this manhwa “Records of the Swordman Scholar “.

Legend of the Northern Blade

Legend of the Northern Blade

Jin Mu-Won, son of Jin Kwan Ho, leader of Northern Heavenly Sect. Everyone left the sect after his father was killed. Mu-Won was the only one who stayed. He discovers his father’s martial arts techniques that were hidden and begins to learn them. Mu-Won, who has never been trained in martial arts, is determined to carry on his father’s legacy. As he progresses, he faces many challenges but becomes stronger with every new technique. As he advances, he learns more about the people who conspired against his father and sect.

Mu-Won is driven by his desire for justice and revenge to take on the conspirators. Mu-Won makes friends and enemies along his journey. He develops his own fighting technique by combining Northern Heavenly Sect techniques with his insights. He strives to restore peace and justice to a world that once was in a darkness.

I’ll rate Legend of the Northern Blade manhwa 10/10 because of the story was filled with martial arts action, revenge, and justice in a compelling way. It is also one of the best murim manhwa. You’ll surely enjoy this manhwa as a fan I can assure you.

The Undefeatable Swordsman

The Undefeatable Swordsman

Sung Woomun, an mentally ill and weak boy, leads a miserable life and everyone called him “village idiot”. Everything changes for him when he turns 20 due to the painting given by a sage. He was able to gasp and learn profound martial arts, and he feels the unstoppable power of martial arts within the painting. after that Woo-mun’s begin his journey to a new destiny that leads him to a mysterious and unfamiliar world.

The Undefeatable Swordsman is a hidden diamond worth 9/10 of my rating. It’s my rating after reading this, it may be different for you with your interest. This murim manhwa has good story and op mc. I can assure that you will surely love this manhwa.

Murim Login

Murim Login

In the word of hunter, Jin Tae-Kyung a 27 year old F rank hunter is struggling to live a luxurious life. He found a VR simulation device and accidently logged into the murim world. Now, He can’t logout from the game although he can interact with the system and can level up like a game in murim where he is called as Master Jin. He has to complete the quest given by the system and with the help of system he has mastered numerous martial arts and become powerful martial.

This manhwa ” Murim Login” is Funny yet interesting. You will definitely love it. I’ll rate it 8.5 out of 10 because I have watch 100+ manhwa related to system but this manhwa is also related to murim. As it’s name suggests it is related to the badass mc with login system.

Nano Machine

Nano Machine

Assassins were trying to kill Prince Cheon because of the throne. He was rescued by a descendant from the future who injected him with nano machines. With the help of the nano machines, Cheon gained a perfect body to train in martial arts. With the help of nano technology, how he master the complex martial arts and conqueror the murim. Just read it yourself.

In my opinion, this manhwa deserves a rating of 9/10. Nano Machine has all the necessary elements to captivate reader’s minds. As It’s name suggests this manhwa is related to the modern technology but actually mc of this manhwa is from murim wolrd. It will definitely be a rewarding experience once you start reading it

Return of Mount Hua Sect

Return of Mount Hua Sect best murim manhwa

Chunma, The Heavenly Devil wiped annihilate the over 20 sects and the 10 great sects. Only one disciple of Flowery Mountain Sect remains. After 100 years, the disciple, Chung Myung, is reincarnated as a beggar. In his quest to regain its lost glory, he joins the sect and makes significant contributions. You shouldn’t miss this captivating journey of redemption and growth.

I’ll rate this murim manhwa 10/10 because the story and the mc is badass and op martial artist. Recently the season 2 has been released. I’ve rated it 10 so you shouldn’t ignore this. You will enjoy this manhwa I can guaranteed that.

Record of the War God

 Record of the War God

Mushin ( The War God ) has wakes up after 20 years. After the great war the whole murim has changed. The legend of war god ( the greatest martial arts ) begun it’s journey once more into the world of murim.

This manhwa story is quite unpredictable and I don’t want to spoil it. I’ll rate this manhwa 8.5/10 but you’ll surely like the story if you are the fan of murim and op mc with martial arts then this is also one that is recommended for you.

Strong Gale, Mad Dragon

Strong Gale, Mad Dragon

Kang In-Young was falsely imprisoned for the case of murder to his friend. In the prison he met an old man who had been a thief and to escape from JeonJin sect he willingly isolated himself into prison for 30 years and honing the secret martial arts. But he was infected the incurable disease. He choose Kang as his successor and transfer him knowledge before his death. After training inner key Kang became a profound martial master and travelled with his sworn brother to clear his name..

In my opinion, I would rate Strong Gale, Mad Dragon manhwa 9.5/10. I personally love this murim manhwa and it’s mc. I want to praise the animation industry and the writer for crafting this precious art.

Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master

Heavenly Grand Archive's Young Master

One day, the charismatic and formidable leader of the Murim Alliance, Hu Gong, finds his soul unexpectedly inhabiting the body of a hapless young man.

Beom Hang, a young man, commands the esteemed mastery of the renowned ‘Heavenly Grand Archive,’ one of the three esteemed archives in the martial world, yet his personal character disappoints in many aspects.

In an effort to unravel the mystery behind this body swap, Hu Gong embarks on the arduous task of training Beom Hang’s physical vessel. As the possessed young master of the Heavenly Grand Archive undergoes a remarkable transformation in his demeanor and actions, the attention of the martial world, known as the jianghu, becomes increasingly fixated upon him.

I’ll rate Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master, 8.5/10 because it has mind-blowing story and filled with Action, Fantasy, Manhwa, Martial Arts and Shounen. This murim manhwa is also good if you love reincarnation type of fan and it’s mc is just crazy. It is an ongoing manhwa you definitely check it.

Wind Spirit

Wind Spirit

He unleashed a fury that was unstoppable, fighting like a demonic to survive. He miraculously won. His skills were vital to the task forces, who lived or died by their mission’s success. He survived the ordeal but realized that future missions wouldn’t guarantee the same outcome. Some allies lost on the same mission might be labeled as deserters and vanish into oblivion.

The air was filled with the stench and echoes from Abigail’s haunting cry. He yearned for a new existence. He wanted to be the wind. A gentle breeze that travelled the world freely, unnoticed yet accompanied. Silent messenger who shared countless stories, without saying a single word, hidden forever within the whispers around the globe.

I’ll rate this manhwa 8/10. It has amazing story and op but emotional MC, You will definitely love this murim manhwa.

Mookhyang The Origin

Mookhyang The Origin

A young boy known by 2044 has trained to become an assassin, working under Han Joong-Gil, the leader of the demonic faction. However, he surpasses all the limits and becomes so powerful that even the leader and members of the demon faction fear him. Everyone known him as “Mukhyang.” .After that , he has betrayed by them and left for dead, but fortunately he survived and regained his memory. To get revenge what he will do ? Will he succeed?

I’ll rate this manhwa as 8.5/10 but don’t focus on my rating I just rate it with my experience it might be even better for you. You should feel the story of Mookhyang The Origin. I can assure you will love it.

Peerless Dad

Peerless Dad the best murim manhwa

The story of “Peerless Dad” unfolds with the protagonist marrying a woman of exceptional beauty, who sadly passes away after giving birth to their three children. Left with the sole responsibility of raising his kids, he takes on the role of a Miura fighter for his children. As his children grow up, they shows outstanding martial arts talents, attracting the interest of masters from big families.

I’ll rate this manhwa 9/10 and the story gradually shift with unique and captivating storyline related to murim world that cannot be found elsewhere.

I Reincarnated As the Crazed Heir

I Reincarnated As the Crazed Heir animenap

Yang Jagak, a victim of assassination by poison during the turbulent political conflicts of the Murim, unexpectedly finds himself inhabiting someone else’s body. To his surprise, he discovers that he is now part of the Demon Cult, practicing the art of Heavenly Demon God Arts.

However, the body he occupies belonged to a deranged heir with an insatiable lust for women. Yang Jagak questions why his reincarnation had to be within the Demon Cult and this particular individual.

I’ll rate “I Reincarnated As the Crazed Heir” as 8.5/10 because the story is overwhelming with op mc and martial arts related to murim. There is also political conflict for the heir. If you like these kind of story then read this.

Doctors Rebirth

Doctors Rebirth best murim manhwa

Jonathan, a medical volunteer who was dedicated to his profession, became caught up in a civil conflict. He sacrificed his own life in order to save a patient’s from a rebel bullet. When he awoke he found himself in the body a child. He realized that he was in the world of his favorite Murim novels, as he found himself surrounded by wreckage and strangers who were unconscious.

Jonathan quickly provided aid to those injured. Among them was the future Demon king, Yeoharyun. Yeoharyun, whose life Jonathan had saved, became Jonathan’s brother. With the help of Baekrineuison as his wise mentor, Jonathan set out on a quest to become the best physician in Gangho.

The Story Of this manhwa is incredible the MC has the full knowledge of the medical of modern world and he also attached to the novel world . He knows all the future and want to changed it with his own effort. Will he able to change future of his brother and will he able to save his master ?. I’ll rate Doctors Rebirth 9/10. This murim manhwa is one the best manhwa with op character that you are seeking for.

Volcanic Age

Volcanic Age

Joo Seo-Cheon, the elder of Hwasan Faction has died after he aged and surprisingly he wakes of in his past. With the memory of his past he can live a new life. He has to go though the same hellish training again and became the most powerful and genius with the help his past memory.

I’ll rate Volcanic Age 9/10. The story and the characters all are brilliant. You will love this manhwa, as it brims with op martial artist, genius characters, action, and adventure.

Heavenly Defying Sword

 Heavenly Defying Sword animenap

Xuan Tian, a teenager boy has been learning martial arts to revenge his family. Once he was a weak child but after a dedicated training and hardworking he achieve the title of sword god. Those who pities him now respect and afraid of him. With his heavenly martial arts he has the power to rival the murim.

You will surely love this manhwa and I assure you will not miss any of this story.

Heavenly inquisition Sword

Heavenly inquisition Sword

Yeon Jeokha endured a lonely and challenging childhood following his father’s passing, trapped in an abandoned warehouse. However, he never lost his purity of heart and unwavering determination. Within the depths of his confinement, he discovers a precious relic left by his father—an ancient mirror with a consciousness that becomes his first martial arts mentor.

Through diligent practice, he masters the ancient heavenly inquisition sword art over the course of ten years. Finally breaking free from his prison, he embarks on a journey through the murim, the world of martial arts and warriors.

I’ll give this manhwa a 9/10 rating for its amazingly choreographed graphical quality and story. This manhwa unquestionably earns its place among the best murim manhwa, featuring genius martial arts mc.

Storm Inn

Storm Inn animenap

Strom Inn is a manhwa with mad type of main character, Jang Kirin. He spent his 13 years splitting bloods war in North. To live a normal life. He became an innkeeper to keep the promise of his friend friend Hangzhou. It has quiet hard for him to live a normal life for him rather than fighting in a war.

Storm Inn, is the best murim manhwa that filled with mystery and martial arts. I’ll rate this manhwa 8.5/10. The story, fighting, adventure and madness of main character and his bloodlust I just love it.

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I’ve personally do a lot of research to find the best murim manhwa with op mc. Hope you have enjoyed it.

If you don’t know where to watch manhwa and latest animes for free, worry not, as I will also upload the post on my Animenap


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